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She's Coding is a nonprofit organization with the main goal to help close the gender gap in tech via:

What's New?

Fall 2019:


She's Coding is a supportive, safe place for anyone identifying as a woman or non-binary person in tech. Our online community consists of members from all over the world. We have in-person events in several cities - please contact us if you want to start a She's Coding group in your city.

We currently run monthly meetups with networking and talks by our community members; quarterly, two-month long code-a-thons; weekly technical interview preparation meetups; as well as mock interview events with partnering companies.

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Find educational and informational content aimed toward women in tech (or those interested in tech), our allies, and companies looking to learn more about diversity and inclusion.


We are super thrilled about the launch of the She's Coding Mentorship Program. For a while now we thought about how to best share this network of amazing technical women, minorities and allies that we are building. This mentorship program is our first attempt into a direction of direct enablement and empowerment through matching based on their career goals, their background, their interests and their expertise.