"This article provides actionable ways to help with tech’s gender gap
April 11, 2015
"This article discusses sexism and the dearth of women in tech in the Silicon Valley, and takes a look at what is being done to solve these issues.
March 8, 2015

The New York Times

Technology's Man Problem

"This article tells the story of Elissa Shevinsky's experience with sexism, and analyzes the impact of gender bias on the tech industry as a whole.
April 5, 2014
"Thesis studying women working in the video game industry, whether the game industry is a good fit for women, and the mixed signals women receive when working in video games.
February 8, 2013
"Despite the values of freedom and openness, the free culture movement’s gender balance is as skewed (or more so) as that of the computing culture from which it arose. Based on the collection and analysis of discourse on gender and sexism within this movement over a six–year period. I suggest three possible causes: (a) some geek identities can be narrow and unappealing; (b) open communities are especially susceptible to difficult people; and, (c) the ideas of freedom and openness can be used to dismiss concerns and rationalize the gender gap as a matter of preference and choice.
January 7, 2013
"Research on the history of the tech industry and how the field began with many women and how things transitioned to the point where people assume it started out as a hyper-masculine field.
August 5, 2010