She's Coding is a nonprofit organization with the main goal to help close the gender gap in tech. We are a supportive, safe place for anyone identifying as woman or non-binary person in tech, and run a lot of events that are open to women and non-binary folk:

Additionally we are working on providing more and better services to the women in tech community via new features on our open-source website, new projects, a more formalized mentorship program, and more.

It's all about YOU!

Volunteers are at the very core of She's Coding. We could not do what we do, build what we build, and support our community, without volunteers. Are you interested in helping out? Join our team - She’s Coding is built by the community, for the community!

Volunteering with She's Coding

Details on specific volunteer opportunities coming soon...

In the meantime - we would love to hear from you: Connect with us, and check us out via:

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