She's Coding Mentorship Program

You want to advance your career while meeting extraordinary, inspiring people? Get advice and help on how to succeed in the fast-paced tech environments? You want to help close the gender gap by encouraging and helping women and minorities to get into or stay in tech? You want to help shape the next generation of bright young professionals in this industry?


We are super thrilled about the launch of the She's Coding Mentorship Program. For a while now we thought about how to best share this network of amazing technical women, minorities and allies that we are building. This mentorship program is our first attempt into a direction of direct enablement and empowerment through matching based on their career goals, their background, their interests and their expertise.

Although our mentorship program primarily targets individuals identifying as female, and other minorities in tech, we are open to applicants from all walks of life and more than welcome a diverse group! We believe that everyone has the potential to become a mentor to another person, with valuable knowledge and experience to share. Please consider becoming a mentor and help other motivated, bright people reach their goals.

We are looking forward to finding extraordinary people to match you up with, but please keep in mind that the program is in an early stage, and that we cannot promise a match within any specific time frame.

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